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What is AGS?

We use our proven methods for niche selection, lead generation, sales, white label fulfillment & personal coaching & accountability to transform your business. After that, scaling is limited only to your level of ambition.

Our Business Model is Simple & Centers Around 3 Key Pillars

Fill your calendar up consistently with ideal prospects who are interested in you & the services you provide.


Transform into a sales professional who is equipped to handle any objection while becoming an advisor to your clients.


Receive exclusive training, software, and white label fulfillment team to establish & lower your clients customer acquisition costs.

JOSH HARRIS  //  Entrepreneur & Founder of AGS

I have been a serial entepreneur my entire life with over a decade of experience in sales & marketing.  

Once I hit the $40K/month mark with my own agency, I knew I was in a position to help other people grow theirs.

Today I mentor agencies who are starting from zero, all the way up to partners doing $350K/month while still managing a 7 figure per year internal agency.  

Josh Harris

Success Stories

New client for $5,500/month!
Another client at $5K/month
$6,500/month first client!
Another client for $5500/month
4 clients in 2 weeks!
Closed another client for $4500/month
New client on  $60K/month retainer
4 clients in 2 weeks!
Closed another client for $4500/month
Over $1 million from new patients!
First client at $3K/month with more to follow
2 clients at $5K in one week
4 clients in 2 weeks!
New client for $6K/month
Third deal for $5K/month!

Whether you're just getting started, or you're doing six figures per month. We can help you! 

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