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HOW IT WORKS: What We Will Do Together
1. I'm going to show you how to find a hot, growing and stable niche AND how to sell them the services that they're willing to buy right now... even if you don't have any "expert" skills yourself.

2. We’ll define your Unique Selling Proposition. I'll show you how to approach prospects in a way that stands out from everybody else. Gets THEM to ask YOU to talk to them, using the "COV Method."

3. I’ll show you a new sales process that gets them to ask you to buy and bypasses the need for any references or case studies.

4. I'm going to flip the delivery model on its head. I'll show you how to do minimal heavy lifting and tedious work for the client. You'll spend your time doing the highest value activities. EASILY tap into and delegate the other services and expertise you need for your clients. YOU don't need to be the expert.

5. Systems for scaling this over time... how to make sure that you KEEP GROWING and maintaining your business.

How I Will Help You
Over this 5 day workshop, we’ll go over each step of the process of getting clients you love to work with... and getting them results.

You’ll receive DAILY videos where I show you EVERY step to succeeding at growing your agency.

I’m going to teach you with REAL examples and demonstrations, Not theory or boring “filler” content.

 You’ll see examples of building relationships, having conversations of value, closing deals. Plus delivering real results that will make clients pay you more… from scratch.

We’ll start with identifying your passion and expertise, and we’ll confirm though SIMPLE research techniques that it’s something that can sell... which is a huge piece of getting paid more, as I’m sure you already know. 

Then we’ll dive into conversations with your prospect and how to convert them. Plus, where to find the ones MOST LIKELY to say “Yes” to your services.

 By the end of the 5 days, you will have already made progress toward your first high-paying clients.

 You’ll get STEP-BY-STEP instructions for every part of the process. And you’ll watch me and my team do it in real time.

After these 5 days, you'll have a COMPLETE knowledge of how to get and serve clients in any industry.
Satisfaction Guaranteed
I'm not promising you any results of any kind other than a great learning experience. You'll work with me and my team to have valuable conversations, get clients and serve them.

I've been doing this for over 10 years and it’s never “get rich quick”... 

But you will gain skills that you can never lose - skills that every business owner wants and needs.

Here's what I can guarantee you. At the end of the five-day workshop, if you were not happy with it, for any reason at all... you can have a full refund. No questions asked.
Schedule & Start Times
The Rematch Of This Live Event Goes For Days Starting The Moment You Order. My Team And I Will Be Available To Answer Questions And Guide You By The Hand The Entire Week.
DAY 1: Getting Started / Picking A Niche 

✅ How to stop “zombie mode” COLD and rock a biz you’re PUMPED about

✅ HIDDEN ASSETS to kick in growth year after year. Nothing comes close to this tool you ALREADY POSSESS.

✅ PSYCHOLOGICAL TACTICS to break any shackles and step into total freedom to be, do and have what you want ON AUTOPILOT

✅ The two types of STARTUPS - and which one has the STRONGER ADVANTAGE

✅ Building your business to scale from DAY 1. Avoid bottlenecks that other people make when starting so you can go as far as possible.

✅ Discover the 3 core functions of ANY business which need DAILY attention - take your eye off the ball of any ONE of those three things, and you could fall into a nasty trap.

✅ The secret to EXPLODING business growth - this is REQUIRED KNOWLEDGE

✅ The three categories of people on a project… and how you can be the one that’s the MOST VALUABLE. Hint: It has NOTHING to do with “working hard.”

✅ Positioning “nerds” to SUPERCHARGE your business without getting screwed... you don’t need to be the one who knows all the technology.

✅ Leveraging the 80 / 20 rule: 80% of businesses are being serviced by the bottom 20% of agencies. This ONE SHIFT can grow your business 3x faster.

✅ The niches that are BOOMING during the pandemic. Hint: Anything you’ve cut back on is RISKY.

✅ LINE YOUR POCKET by helping clients MELT their fears about remote work.

✅ One of the best tools for ASTONISHING success. I’ll show you exactly how to do it.

✅ Why most of the advice you get starting out sounds good but doesn’t work and will send you down a 6-month dead end.

✅ What to NUKE so you can spend your time on HIGH-YIELD activities and get results you’d otherwise MISS OUT on.

✅ The secret to getting super smart people to LOVE working with you and want to help you grow.

✅ This ONE THING will save you from having to learn useless info that doesn’t grow your business.

✅ How a startup agency can position itself to do $10K, $15K, $20K a month OUT OF THE GATE just by NOT setting themselves up to STUMBLE

✅ How to use the right niche to SKYROCKET yourself past everyone else and use X-RAY VISION to find which one it is.

DAY 2: Getting Appointments

✅ The ONLY thing stopping you from MASSIVE success - it’s not a skill or a natural ability

✅ There’s no such thing as a saturated niche. There are only saturated messaging and saturated offers. Take advantage of this or muddle along… your choice.

✅ In the ocean, the presence of SHARKS is a good thing. Apply this to your niche and become the APEX PREDATOR.

✅ The KEY INGREDIENT to BONDING with your client base and always being their GO TO

✅ A STUPID SIMPLE way to position what you do against your competitors and EAT THEIR LUNCH

✅ The best advantages IN PLAIN SIGHT… You can either do this or let it go to waste.

✅ The three troubleshooting tips to ABSOLUTELY FREE you when you’re bogged down (from insiders who know the ropes)

✅ How to know when you have a message that CRUSHES... no matter how the biz landscape changes, this works FOREVER

✅ The BULLETPROOF strategy to find LOW-HANGING FRUIT in your niche so you can share the wealth with the top dogs

✅ The value proposition blueprint - understand the psychological principle and PROSPER

✅ “Conversations of value” you can have to OPEN prospects up to working with you - including questions that help them see you as their knight in shining armor

✅ Why templates are DEAD ON ARRIVAL and won’t work. Do this instead and your prospect will JUMP all over your offer like a crazed bulldog.

✅ A TREASURE MAP of resources for you to GAIN ACCESS to high paying clients’ INNER CIRCLES.

✅ The BLUEPRINT of an online presence that builds INSANE authority - and you can implement it in a short afternoon.

DAY 3: How To Sell

✅ Price-point myths DISSOLVED… Selling something at $49, $2,000 or $10,000 are all EASY AS PIE if you know the secret sauce.

✅ Transform yourself from SWEATY PALMS to a SELLING MACHINE - and permanently demolish fear of a client saying “no”

✅ How to get on peoples’ “WANT TO BUY” list so they’ll want to work with you EXCLUSIVELY.

✅ The “product advantage” reserved for the WINNERS - and never ever sell a lame duck service.

✅ Smash the “natural born salesman” myth. Sales is not about being a smooth talker. Even if you’re a stuttering introvert, you can SELL like the big boys.

✅ CRITICAL questions to ask when you’re selling, to avoid letting “sales call shoppers” lead you down a road to DISASTER.

✅ Avoiding “fulfillment hell” for when sales start to take off, using these WICKEDLY EFFECTIVE strategies

✅ My SECRET WEAPON for becoming a ZEN MASTER during sales calls. WARNING: This may be one of the most transformational things you can do.

✅ A four-step process to SLAY phone calls - without doing this, I GUARANTEE you will not get the sale, or if you do, you’re asking for trouble

✅ A JEDI MIND TRICK to turn the tables and get prospects SELLING YOU on working with them

✅ How to SET YOURSELF APART apart from everyone and his brother who just want to “close the deal” regardless of whether they or the client are qualified

✅ The three goals EVERYONE has for their business, and how to JUMPSTART them in the direction of their dreams (FORCING them to choose you)

✅ Which details to share about your service WITHOUT activating “feature brain” - instead the prospect will be TRIGGERED to buy from you.

✅ The HIDDEN MOTIVATION behind spending money - no one buys a Rolex or a Netflix subscription because of the thing itself. They do it because of THIS.

✅ How to SHIFT someone’s mind state to one where they’re READY TO BUY from you BEFORE they know what you’re offering

DAY 4: How To Deliver

✅ A GARGANTUAN factor in getting people to choose your services FOR LIFE. Don’t underestimate this simple concept.

✅ The secret to SCALING your business while keeping clients DELIGHTED… don’t do this and you’ll have SERIOUS problems.

✅ The difference between a “smart” and “dumb” product - plus how to EXPLOIT this for a MEGA ADVANTAGE

✅ Communication keys to keep everything CLEAR and make clients ECSTATIC - hint: some topics are better for the phone.

✅ How to under promise and OVER deliver - do this right and you’ll always be perceived as HIGH-VALUE

✅ How to say “Thanks but no thanks” to inappropriate client requests - and PROTECT your dignity (while RAKING in the dough)

✅ Tools to forge a WIN-WIN partnership and make sure ALL BASES are covered

✅ PROVEN systems for kicking off and planning a LONG-TERM successful relationship with clients.

✅ The UNEXPECTED measure of a true master of sales and fulfillment. Time to neutralize the competition.

✅ ELITE service delivery. You don’t even need to be the one providing the fulfillment.

✅ WHAT TO ASK to find if someone will be a KILLER fulfillment partner... or whether they’ll crap out when the going gets tough.

✅ DANGEROUS tactics to make your sales and fulfillment machine SKYROCKET revenue and profits long term

✅ How to GET AROUND THE RULES and steal the strategies of the best performers… INFINITELY more effective than starting from scratch.

✅ Get the THUMBS UP from clients every time… and ROB other agencies of their prospects because your clients will be telling them all about you.

DAY 5: Putting It All Together

✅ How to CONNECT with the 3% of your market is READY TO BUY… and filter out the tire kickers so you don’t waste your precious time

✅ How to market your niche CONSISTENTLY over time, AT YOUR OWN PACE... without getting sucked in to social media or fads

✅ How to get a DIRECT LINK to the people you want to reach… hint: calling up their office probably won’t work.

✅ The path from a scrappy “wantrepreneur” (completely lacking in credibility) to a BATTLE-HARDENED entrepreneur

✅ The BEST WAY ON THE PLANET to find up-and-coming things to bring to a hungry market - forget sitting in a basement slaving away to reinvent the wheel

✅ The parts YOU CAN remove yourself from in your business… and which parts you’d be a FOOL to outsource

✅ Adding STICKINESS to your fulfillment to generate SUSTAINABLE recurring revenue.

✅ Which to PUT FIRST: Strategy or tactics… doing this in reverse is RAT POISON for your growth

✅ Nail your pricing model so your clients don’t end up HOOVERING your time and you deliver OFF THE WALL VALUE and collect the prize money

✅ The COUNTER-INTUITIVE branding strategy that gets prospects BEATING a path to your door

✅ Making an effective online profile that GRABS your prospects by the lapels and DRAGS them in to contact you.

✅ The ultimate business model for agencies - this is the path to EARN WITHOUT WORK regardless of what comes down the pipe.

Are There Bonuses?
Yes! I'll Tell You About One Here, And The Other Is A Surprise You'll Get After You're IN.

The Bonus I'll Reveal To you Now Is High-Quality Video Recordings Of Our 2 Day Agency Growth Secrets Mastermind (Value: $2,000).

Sessions Included In This ELITE Event...
Day 1 - Getting Out Of Survival Mode

✅ How to get out of the survival phase
✅ Understanding the effect of lead and lag
✅ Identifying your blockers and overcoming them
✅ Changing the people you surround yourself with
✅ Why being self-reliant is impossible
Day 1 - Improving Yourself

✅ Leveraging experts
✅ Overcoming rejection
✅ Serving yourself so you can serve your clients better
✅ Preparing for 80%
✅ Overcoming credibility issues
✅ Sacrificing, focusing, and improving productivity  
Day 1 - LinkedIn Video Improving Yourself

✅ Step-by-step instructions for sending a value video to connections
✅ Benchmarks of response rates
✅ How to create a powerful video
✅ Where this value video fits into our current lead generation system
✅ Current styles of LinkedIn messages that are working
Day 1 - Messages That Lead To Calls

✅ How to identify micro-wins in conversations
✅ How to handle conversations on the LinkedIn platform
✅ Spotting interest in a potential prospect
✅ Principles for messaging on LinkedIn
✅ Successful responses for different types of messages
Day 1 - Stop Sabotaging Yourself

✅ How to stop sabotaging yourself
✅ Using your story brand to make personal connections
✅ Setting up your entire day to serve your agency
✅ An effective strategy for conducting research within your niche
✅ The effects of quitting too soon
✅ Growing your comfort zone by getting your failure reps in
Day 1 - Finding Solutions To Problems

✅ Finding solutions instead of problems
✅ Taking immediate action before your motivation dwindles
✅ Aligning yourself with your prospects' interests
✅ Chunking your dreams into imaginable goals
Day 2 - Objection Handling (Part 1)

✅ Following through with the promises you make to yourself
✅ Taking control of the call from the beginning
✅ Tonality and speed on your sales calls
✅ Pace, pace, lead
✅ Feel, felt, found technique
✅ The difference between motivation and discipline
✅ How to handle objections in real-time
Day 2 - Objection Handling (Part 2)

✅ Handing objections in real-time
✅ Being okay with walking away from a deal
✅ Why business owners have a hard time making a decision
✅ Walking prospects through the process repeatedly
✅ Taking credit card information over the phone
✅ Leading the call instead of trying to control the prospect
Day 2 - Managing Client Relationships (Part 1)

✅ Re-engaging email lists to build trusts with prospects
✅ The value ladder you can offer clients
✅ Focusing on 1 service at a time
✅ 5 keys to setting proper client expectations
Day 2 - Managing Client Relationships (Part 2)

✅ 5 keys to setting proper client expectations (continued)
✅ The #1 mistake new agency owners make
✅ The onboarding process for new clients
✅ Setting up systems and processes for scale
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About Josh Harris

Josh Harris is a Serial 7 Figure Entrepreneur who has a decade of experience in marketing and sales. He mentors agencies and companies from startups to billion dollar businesses.  Josh spends his time testing strategies through his agency clients... then he shares what's working now with the AGS community. 

Here Are A Few More Screenshots of My Clients' Success:

New client for $5,500/month!
Landed another client for $5500/month
New client on  $60K/month retainer
Over $1 million from new patients!
First client at $6k profit
Another client at $5K/month
New client for $6K/month
4 clients in 2 weeks!
First client at $3K/month with more to follow
New client for $6K/month
$6,500/month for first client!
$5K/month new client!
Closed another client for $4500/month
Closed 2 clients at $5K in one week
Third deal for $5K/month!
New client for $5,500/month!
Another client at $5K/month
$6,500/month for first client!
Landed another client for $5500/month
New client for $6K/month
$5K/month new client!
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